Andrew Jefford discovers Costières de Nîmes…
At last: a solution to the vexed identity of the Costières de Nîmes.  It was Michel Gassier, for long one of the zone’s most dynamic growers, who pointed it out when I travelled to the region recently.  It’s not Languedoc, and it’s not Provençe, either.  It’s the Camargue.  Costières de Nîmes is the key wine-growing zone of Western Europe’s largest river delta, famed for its semi-wild white horses, its marshy bird life, its ferocious mosquitos and its little black fighting bulls. Read More
New reviews of wines to serve throughout the summer months.
Consider stocking up on rosé this summer, not just because it’s fun to drink during the warm months, but also because its varied styles make it a versatile wine to serve with a range of summer favorites. Get the scores and tasting notes! Read More


Among the many harbingers of warm weather, one of my favorites is the N.Y.U. Hawk Cam, starring a pair of red-tailed hawks that have nested since 2011 on a ledge, overlooking Washington Square Park, outside the office of the president of New York University.

As I sit at my computer, I’ve got half an eye on this year’s nestlings, three little hawks that are now tiny white balls of down, too weak to sit up for long. By the beginning of summer, they will be nearly fully grown and strutting the ledge, impatient to fledge into the wilds of Greenwich Village…Read More

“They were being grilled for a saint’s day festival in my family’s town of Viseu, and I slipped away to follow the scent,” says the chef of Manhattan’s Aldea restaurant. “My parents found me sitting on a tree stump, gobbling a plate full of sardines.” Born in the United States to Portuguese parents, Mendes — like an increasing number of Americans — thrills to the flavors of Portuguese food and wine.

According to Portugal’s National Institute of Statistics, 68 percent of American visitors traveling to Portugal include gastronomy and wine tastings in their plans…Read More

“Never the twain shall meet.” This line from Rudyard Kipling’s poem, “The Ballad of East and West,” comes to mind when considering the life of a winemaker and wine grape grower.

Those two jobs require an entirely different skillset, and excelling at one profession does not guarantee you can succeed at the other. In fact, it is actually quite rare. Thankfully for wine enthusiasts of our region, Tad and Sarah Fewel, and their Zillah winery, Cultura — are the exception…Read More

Austrian wines might be dominated by Niederösterreich’s vineyards of Grüner Veltliner, but for a small country, there’s a lot more to discover.

Whether you’re looking to learn more about Vienna, Wachau or beyond, here’s the guide to better acquaint you with the regions of Austria…Read More