Dangle a paper cutout of Italy in the air, then slice it in half with a machete (horizontally; slightly angled). The cut will likely run along a line connecting Rome to Pescara. An excellent east-west highway connecting these cities (in two hours) passes wildly beautiful landscapes between the Tyrrhenian and Adriatic Seas. Most of this journey moves through the region of Abruzzo. Read More


The invasions led to an unexpected discovery.
IN THE SMALL TOWN OF Boticas, Portugal, a centuries-old tradition of making “wine of the dead” lives on. Despite its macabre name, this libation has less to do with death than it does with burial. In 19th-century Portugal, during a time of French invasions, people interred scores of bottles. The move, done out of fear that the wine would fall into enemy hands, led to an extraordinary discovery once the dust had settled. Read More


Two MIT grads designed a quiz that compares 18 attributes to pair expertly-curated wine with your taste palate.
Here’s a scenario you might relate to: you go to your local wine shop, looking to branch out. But staring at a wall proclaiming a wine’s country of origin, you’re overwhelmed and don’t know where to start,  and can’t quite bring yourself to ask the pretentious store owner for help. So you settle on the passable bottle of red you’ve had a thousand times before…Read More


Where To Go, And What To Drink There
“When it comes to knowing the city of London, I’m a rookie. 
I’ve only visited a few times and, candidly, they weren’t the best experiences. Even though I was lucky with non-rainy weather, the city still felt crowded, gray and overcast, an impression I couldn’t shake despite leisurely browsing an abundance of truly excellent bookstores – London is nothing if not literary – which is an activity that typically transforms any of my days from gloom to sun. ” Read More
A wife-and-husband team hopes the unusual drink will benefit a remote and rugged region.
It might be one the world’s least likely locations for a cutting-edge winery. Amid plump yipping puppies, rice farmers amble home from a day in the surrounding paddies. Mist-shrouded hills loom nearby. And down a row of A-shaped bamboo houses, a wide bucolic road veers off toward a hidden hive of industry. Here, in Hong Village—a tiny tribal community in Northeast India—a sleek new boutique workshop is bottling up an unusual concoction: kiwi wine… Read More
Friday is National Wine Day and while most will celebrate with a generously-poured glass of their favorite vino, many passionate wine connoisseurs are already planning their next winery or vineyard visit. Fortunately, RewardExpert recently analyzed more than two million wine reviews to determine the 10 best locations in the United States for both wine quantity and quality. Read More