Malvazija wine in Istria
Just north of Dubrovnik, east of Malta, the Croatian peninsula of Istria juts into the Adriatic Sea. Istria is a peaceful place, with medieval hill towns tumbling into valleys blanketed with vineyards. It’s also where Malvazija grapes grow…Read More
There are countless reasons to take a road trip across the great United States, whether it’s to see the stunning scenery, visit one of the thousands of unique attractions, or just see somewhere new.
But for travel-loving wine aficionados, there are now plenty of new reasons to start planning that next adventure, as the top wine destinations in the US for 2018 have just been revealed… Read More
Andrew Jefford discovers Costières de Nîmes…
At last: a solution to the vexed identity of the Costières de Nîmes.  It was Michel Gassier, for long one of the zone’s most dynamic growers, who pointed it out when I travelled to the region recently.  It’s not Languedoc, and it’s not Provençe, either.  It’s the Camargue.  Costières de Nîmes is the key wine-growing zone of Western Europe’s largest river delta, famed for its semi-wild white horses, its marshy bird life, its ferocious mosquitos and its little black fighting bulls. Read More

“They were being grilled for a saint’s day festival in my family’s town of Viseu, and I slipped away to follow the scent,” says the chef of Manhattan’s Aldea restaurant. “My parents found me sitting on a tree stump, gobbling a plate full of sardines.” Born in the United States to Portuguese parents, Mendes — like an increasing number of Americans — thrills to the flavors of Portuguese food and wine.

According to Portugal’s National Institute of Statistics, 68 percent of American visitors traveling to Portugal include gastronomy and wine tastings in their plans…Read More