The American Friends of Cité du Vin (AFCDV), a 501(c)3 non-profit organization was formed to support the creation of the first ever international center for wine to focus on the intellectual, scientific, and societal aspects of wine and to partner with the center in achieving its aspirations in that role. As a center where every wine-producing nation can be represented and can engagingly communicate its role as a wine producer, the Cité du Vin also distinctively provides the opportunity to examine the multiple roles that wine plays in society historically, presently, and for the future.

More specifically, the AFCDV exists to:

Help underwrite the “Thomas Jefferson Auditorium”, which will host future conclaves on various topics relating to the role of wine in medicine, climate, agriculture, commerce, and other topics of a similar nature. The Thomas Jefferson Auditorium also recognizes the important role that Thomas Jefferson holds in the history of wine connoisseurship and highlights how wine has helped to foster and enrich Franco-American relations.

Provide ongoing support, stimulus and participation in programs, scientific, cultural, and commercial that will be undertaken at the Cite du Vin.

It is AFCDV’s purpose to engage financial support in the United States to further these objectives, and to participate meaningfully in their development and fulfillment.

The Cité’s goal is to offer a better understanding of both present and future challenges by evoking history, geography, the life sciences, ethnography, as well as literature philosophy, the arts and the senses. Because Bordeaux has been since Ancient Times, the city that has evolved around wine, vineyards, chateaux and wine traders becoming the world wine capital, it is only appropriate that a facility of this kind be built in Bordeaux.

In 2007 named as a historic site on the UNESCO World Heritage list, today Bordeaux is also in the midst of a profound urban transformation. The Cite exemplifies both its past and its future.

During our brief history, Americans have joined in the passion for wine and wine-making. It is therefore naturally that the American Friends of Cité du Vin, under the leadership of George Sape and a dynamic Board, decided to join the international community in this global project, by supporting the naming of the Cité’s Thomas Jefferson Auditorium.
President Jefferson was not only an Ambassador to France but he was the first to bring excellent Bordeaux wines to the White House, thus introducing Americans to a sophisticated approach to food and wine. We would like to be a part of this global presence in Bordeaux.